Pricing for SLA Customers at
Pricing for SLA Customers
Membership really does have it's privileges

Being an SLA member at Micro-Management Systems, our sister company, does help when it comes to your web needs.  The price list below is design specifically for our SLA clients and their businesses.  Hopefully, your have some web presence already.  If you do we can usually do allot to help you improve both your image online, and the ease of maintaining your online content with our Websagogo Module Website, or WAG-MOD.  But, if you are not online yet, we can really help!  Webs-a-gogo prides itself in providing high quality, high profile websites for local business.  In fact we can even help you get clients from a place you never have before...THE WEB. 

At Webs-a-gogo we'll give you the straight scoop about what it takes to make it happen online.  No fairy tales about how we'll make you number one at Google or how you will be on TV next to the Yahoo boys.  Just the the truth about how to use the web as a marketing and information tool. Best of all, our WAG-MOD website product is already designed with the principals of information networking, Search Engine optimization and a high profile image in mind.  It's built in to the program.  You just need to enter in the who, what, when, where and how about your business, then, the Webs-a-gogo WAG-MOD website will go to work for you.  The listing below are the main services we offer here at Web-a-gogo.  Talk to your Technician about your needs and how we can help save you money today when you are an SLA customer! Oh, one more thing..we went ahead and highlighted the parts that cover what you can expect to pay on average.  Just to help you zero in on one of the other main points you need to consider...The Price!


Domain Names – Domain Only (Register, Transfer In, Renew)
(All genTLD Domain Names) $17/ea
(All ccTLD Domain Names) $20+/ea*

Domain Name with WAG-PAC (Register, Transfer In, Renew)
(genTLD extensions) $15 value and ask about our FREE Domain Name offer 
(ccTLD extensions) $15 credit/ea**

Bulk Domains >10 Domains (Register, Transfer In, Renew)
(All genTLD Domain Names) $13/ea
(All ccTLD Domain Names) $13+/ea*

* ccTLD extensions costs more than standard genTLD extensions. Check out price list for current rates on ccTLD Domains. **You pay only the difference in cost of the ccTLD Domain above the cost of a standard $15.00 genTLD. Click here for WAG-PAC approved domain extensions.


Websagogo Packages (WAG-PAC™)

* (Business/Org) $20/mo

*WAG-PACs include a WAG-PAC approved domain name FREE.


Website Websagogo Packages (WAG-PAC™) WAG-PACs include a pre-designed website & domain name FREE. Custom website builds starting at $500. Click to learn more about the Webs-a-gogo WAG-PAC!

Website Design/Build (for WAG-MOD website) Commercial & Organizational $500-$800/avg
WAG-MOD prices are based on known quantities and services integrated with standard builds for Webs-a-gogo Module websites known as WAG-MODs. Click here for more info on WAG-MODs

Website Design/Build (Custom) CUSTOM: Generally , custom builds cost more & are quoted after consultation. Open billing for custom designs and specs runs at our development rate of $75/hr. Click here for more info on custom website build


Merchant Accts for WAG-PAC Shopping Cart

(See PayPal page) $ included
(See detail page) $Call Support for setup and monthly fees charged by

If your are setting up an online business, we usually recommend starting with PayPal.  However, if you are building a higher volume business ad need to market and track your purchases closely, we strongly recommmend  Call a web specialist at Webs-a-gogo today for greater explanation.

* See Hosting Page for details of Hosting packages.

Graphic Design/Desktop Publishing:

Logos For Web or Print with color seps in 300 dpi  $75-350.00 (usually around  $75 - $100 for web, $150 for print)

Concept/Layouts (Ads, Web) $40/hr

Print Production
(Art/Design/Layout) $40/hr

Ad Page Creation $50.00+

Banners Static $25+

Animations $ Quoted per

Website Content Population $40/hr

(Creative/Copy Writing) $40/hr

Publication/ Newsletters
(Design/Pag) $40/hr

Member Special Support L1/L2/L3 $30/40/75/hr

(Video, Web, Print) $50/hr

Webs-a-gogo Product Support: FREE  478-274-0024

Member Special Support:

Level 1   $30/hr

Level 2   $40/hr

Level 3   $75/hr